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Southeastern Alabama, Let's Change What's Possible

Whether you want to order new service or upgrade, you've come to the right place. After you enter your address, we’ll let you know what products are available in your area and walk you through a short registration process. Looking for internet, voice, TV, and security? Build your own bundle to get the package that’s right for you.

Our state-of-the-art technology will mean a whole new internet experience for your home or business with blazingly fast speeds on an ultra-reliable network.

On our network, you can take advantage of the latest streaming applications and devices like ROKU, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu. Automate your house. Create the next big software application. Video conference around the world. Experience crystal clear voice and picture-perfect entertainment. 

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We may have started as a cable company, but we imagine a future where every customer is part of a 100% fiber optic network, realizing the tremendous possibilities of an always on, ultra-fast connection. We need your help in reaching that goal! No matter where you are, we want to hear from you! Register today to help us know where to build next.

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More Than a Cable Company

We are proud of 30 plus years of expansion based on the evolving needs of our community to compete in a global marketplace. As a communications provider, we operate one of the most advanced fiber-to-the-home networks in Alabama. Guided by three generations of local leadership, we have continually strived to bring the best entertainment and communications products to the communities we serve. Since 2008, we have invested $107.1 million back into our communities infrastructure.

Join us as we change what’s possible in southeastern Alabama.